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Handheld Night Vision Units

Night Vision Monoculars

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A night vision monocular will allow you to observe wildlife at night. These handheld devices are lightweight and really easy to use. You can observe your surroundings with just one eye. They offer a narrower field of view than regular binoculars but their compact size and affordable price more than make up for it.
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Monocular Bestguarder WG-50 Plus (2021)

This monocular with night vision illumination provides black and white image during the night and color image during the day with 6× optical and 5× digital zoom. The footage can also be transmitted to a mobile phone app.

In Stock, estimated delivery: December 13 - 15.

€ 279.7

Night vision monocular Hikmicro HEIMDAL H4D

The Heimdal H4D night vision monocular is specially designed for effective observation in absolute darkness from up to 200 m away, achieving perfect results thanks to its AMOLED display and built-in 850 nm illumination.

In Stock, estimated delivery: December 13 - 15.

€ 508.1

PARD NV019 New Version with Upgraded Dioptric Lens

This digital night vision unit can be used both during the day and night. The maximum observing range in the day is 1 km and 400 m in the night. The device utilizes the 1× – 24× magnification and 3× digital zoom. The battery can run for up to 8 hours.

Temporarily Unavailable

€ 332.0


Night Vision Monoculars

Do you want to observe wildlife at night but don’t want to spend a fortune? You should definitely check out our selection of night vision monoculars. These units are quite affordable and will give the option to observe your surroundings in complete darkness and sometimes with a range of up to 200 m. These handheld devices will easily fit into your pocket. Their biggest downside is the narrower field of view when compared to standard binoculars. PARD NV019 with a maximum range of 400 m has become quite popular amongst the hunters and not just them. Some clip-on sights can also work as a digital monocular. PARD NV007S is a great example.

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