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Renowned Swedish Knives



Scandinavians like to go back to their roots. They know that what is good will last. The Swedish village of Mora is an example. Knives have been made here for more than 400 years and the Mora of Sweden brand continues this tradition.

The company is one of the best in the country. The master knifemakers use the famous Sandvik steel. It makes the blade exceptionally sharp and it can survive almost anything. Mora knives have a distinctive polymer handle that won't slip out of your hand in the rain or other harsh conditions. Each piece comes with a protective sheath.

Mora knives will benefit all fishermen, outdoor enthusiasts or hunters. But you can also reach for them on any other occasion.

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Fixed Blade Knives

Knife Morakniv Eldris red


High-quality Eldris hunting knife with compact dimensions for everyday carry. This model is designed for all woodlanders, hunters or hunters.

1 pcs in stock, June 12 - 14.

€ 26.0

Fixed Blade Knives

Knife Morakniv Eldris red set

The Swedish Eldris compact knife is the ideal knife for wilderness expeditions. For easy maintenance and sharpening, the blade is made of highly durable Sandvik 12C27 stainless steel.

1 pcs in stock, June 12 - 14.

€ 36.0

Fire Starters

Magnesium flint Morakniv

It is a simple tool for starting a fire. Magnesium throws sparks up to 3 000°C when pinched. This is enough to ignite sawdust or leaves.

13 pcs in stock, June 12 - 14.

€ 17.2

Fixed Blade Knives

Knife Morakniv 2000 Green

Universal hunting knife from Swedish manufacturer Mora with fixed blade. This model is specially designed for hard work in the field.

2 pcs in stock, June 12 - 14.

€ 30.0

Knife Sharpeners

Morakniv Diamond L Fine

It is a pocket sander that you will always have on hand. The plastic body features a 600 grit diamond surface for fine grinding.

5 pcs in stock, June 12 - 14.

€ 16.8

Chef’s Knives

Morakniv Frosts Unigrip Sticking Knife 7160P

Specially designed knife 7160P for cutting meat from the Swedish manufacturer Mora. The knife is equipped with a durable stainless steel blade that is easy to sharpen and retains its sharpness for a long time.

2 pcs in stock, June 12 - 14.

€ 27.2

Fixed Blade Knives

Knife Morakniv 510

Quality outdoor knife from Swedish manufacturer Mora. It is an ideal helper for the outdoors, which will perform a variety of important tasks.

4 pcs in stock, June 12 - 14.

€ 14.8

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