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Arpol MRE ROP, Set 5

MRE (Meal Ready to Eat) is a durable food ration that does not need any heat source for its preparation – a chemical reaction takes care of the heat treatment. It is especially appreciated during camping and festivals; it is also suitable during long-lasting combat games. SET 5 contains 400 g of Breton beans in a sterilised tin. The product may contain milk, soya, mustard and eggs.

1 pcs in stock, June 12 - 14.

€ 8.7


Military food ration MRE ARPOL S, set5

It is a survival pack for the outdoors. It contains pate, poultry ham, biscuits, but also coffee and tea or even matches.

In Stock in Our Central Warehouse, June 13 - 15.

€ 8.3


Shooting package Arpol SET2


Shooting package from Polish company APROL. SET2 contains meatballs in tomato sauce, classic Esbit cooker and tablets of hard alcohol.

Temporarily Unavailable

€ 14.3


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