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RAM Revolvers

Umarex T4E HDR 50 11J


This revolver has an alloy frame covered by a polymer layer, which significantly decreases the overall weight to only 675 g. The projectile reaches the velocity of 135 m/s and has an energy of 11 J.
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24 Months
Umarex T4E
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Umarex T4E More from this manufacturer


Umarex T4E HDR 50 is a powerful RAM revolver designed to shoot .50 caliber rubber and pepper projectiles. It is an ideal self-defense tool and it can also be great for training or recreational shooting. 

This revolver has an alloy frame covered by a polymer layer, which significantly decreases the overall weight to only 675 g. All of the parts have been designed to be maximally reliable.

It is powered by a single 12g CO2 cartridge, which must be placed inside the grip. You can use the cap located in the bottom of the grip to pierce the cartridge. This system allows you to have the cartridge in the gun all the time and engage it when you need it. This means you don’t have to worry about damaging the seal.

The cylinder has a capacity of six .50 caliber rubber balls and can be quickly exchanged. The projectile reaches the velocity of 135 m/s and has an energy of 11 J.

This model doesn’t have an external manual safety, but has the Double Action Only (DAO) trigger mechanism and the trigger safety instead. This system is completely safe if you follow the basic firearm safety rules.

The T4E guns (Training for Engagement) from German manufacturer Umarex are effective self-defense tools used by many armed forces for training. 

Key features

• Reliability

• 11 Joules

• Ideal for both self-defense and recreational shooting

• Powered by a single 12g CO2 cartridge

Video (video is illustrative only):


Package contents

  • ex T4E HDR 50 11J RAM Revolver

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Umarex T4E HDR 50

Umarex T4E HDR 50

T4E cal. .50 4000 fps


Umarex T4E
Caliber: ?
cal .50
135 m/s
Muzzle Energy: ?
11 J
675 g
Overall Length:
250 mm
Magazine Capacity:
Yes to 22mm
Powerplant: ?
CO2 Cartridges
Fire Mode:
Grip: ?
Double Action Only
24 Months

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Peter Sojka

Registered user, from 14.12.2022

Machine translation

I am satisfied, the gun is easy to hold, loading is easy and intuitive. I haven't shot much from it yet, but I like the option of carrying an „unloaded“ clip, it's a cool idea. As a firearms license holder, I've always wanted a non-lethal weapon and I miss the option of using a taser in our country, but this is a suitable alternative in my opinion.

  • it's a proper cannon
  • it fit my hand exactly
  • it's not cheap
  • it is a large weapon, not suitable for concealed carry

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Verified customer, from 11.04.2022

Machine translation

I am satisfied with the product corresponds to my expectations
the advantage that I can keep it at home ready charged and activate the unopened bomb only when needed

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Verified customer, from 18.07.2023

Machine translation

Absolute satisfaction, workmanship, functionality, very decent performance /about 16 shots-per bomb, for defense absolutely sufficient.

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Verified customer, from 09.05.2023

Machine translation

  • Great for self-defense.

Was this review helpful? No (1)


Verified customer, from 09.05.2023

Machine translation

  • Great for self-defense.

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Verified customer, from 08.05.2023

Machine translation

without defects

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Vítězslav Válek

Registered user, from 12.12.2022

Machine translation

T4E Umarex caliber 50,barrel diameter 12,7 mm,power 11J,all-metal polymer coated.I bought it in January 2021.It's already an incredible looking gun.Balls like thunder and a bomb drive.I bought 2 more magazines,because one bomb fires full 18 rounds and then it's a bit weaker.100 bombs and at least 200 different balls,even metal and pepper balls.The advantage of the bomb – you put it in the stock,tighten it,but it doesn't jam,so you can leave it like that for a couple of days and the gas won't leak and then,if necessary,you just hit the cap of the bomb with your palm and you can shoot.It shoots like a cannon.Unfortu­nately,I don't have a photo and it's already sold.I recommend it,carnage.

  • Powerful cannon, good for defense
  • It's intimidating to look at
  • It's like a sci-fi
  • He shoots decently
  • Harder to fit in the case

Was this review helpful? No (0)


Verified customer, from 13.11.2022

Machine translation

  • good

Was this review helpful? No (7)


Verified customer, from 09.11.2022

Machine translation

It's really very well done. It has a lot of power, it surprised me a lot. It's a luxury.

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Verified customer, from 21.10.2022

Machine translation

inspires respect

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Verified customer, from 11.07.2022

Machine translation

Purchased for possible self-defense. Shooting at about 5m is good, performance seems solid – shoots through a loosely hanging sheet. Untested on live fire, however. Can't get a volunteer (- kidding).

  • The product is decently crafted, looks solid, shoots OK
  • Pretty expensive dye and pepper projectiles.

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Verified customer, from 07.03.2022

Machine translation

If every trained pensioner carried it in his/her handbag, no one would mug old people

  • simple, effective
  • expensive missiles

Was this review helpful? No (0)


Verified customer, from 26.10.2020

Machine translation

  • lightweight, easy to handle, quite considerable power

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Questions about the product (9)

Daniel, 05.11.2022
Can you ship to Canada
Mirka , 07.11.2022
Hello, unfortunately not, we are ONLY shipping within the EU.
Alan Harris, 04.08.2022
Can this be shipped to the uk
Michal , 05.08.2022
Hello, unfortunately we are not shipping to the UK.
Mas Macho , 01.05.2022
Can you ship to Mexico? If not. An you ship to Rock Island , Illinois. USA?
Michal , 02.05.2022
Hello, unfortunately we are not shipping to Mexico.
m3t4l, 12.01.2022
Hi. Is it possible to ship this to sweden?
Michal , 13.01.2022
Sorry, we are not shipping to Sweden.
Joro, 21.11.2021
When will be in stock this model?
Michal , 22.11.2021
Hello, unfortunately we do not know the date of next restock.
Dumik, 07.10.2021
Can this be shipped to the Moldova?
Michal , 08.10.2021
Hello, unfortunately not.
JIM A, 31.08.2021
Can this be shipped to the US
Michal , 31.08.2021
Unfortunately no.
Jose, 19.03.2021
hi? Do you ship the above item to the UK?? If so please let me know if you have any stock availble?? Thank you. Jose
Michal , 22.03.2021
Hello, unfortunately due to Brexit we are not able to ship to UK at the moment.
Michael, 02.03.2021
Hello I'd like to kno9w if you can ship the umarex hdr 50 t4e revolver version to the U.S?
Michal , 02.03.2021
Hello, we are not shipping to the US.

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