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PCP Air Rifles

Crosman Drifter Kit 5,5mm


Crosman Drifter Kit includes everything you need to get you started. Attach a pistol grip and have yourself a standard PCP air pistol. You can also turn it into a carbine by mounting the included shoulder stock.

> 20 pcs in stock, February 1 - 3.

€ 210.0

PCP Air Rifles

Crosman C362 5,5mm


The Crosman C362 air rifle is classified as a PCA air rifle, or air rifle with an integrated pump. Thanks to its low weight, the air rifle is suitable for novice shooters.

18 pcs in stock, February 1 - 3.

€ 147.7

PCP Air Rifles

Air Arms S400 Rifle 4,5mm

Single shot PCP rifle with Lothar Walther barrel, which is characterized by good accuracy. Quality treatment processing topped with beautiful wooden stock. Especially suitable for sports purposes.

Temporarily Unavailable

€ 596.1


PCP Air Rifles

Air Arms S400 Rifle 5,5mm

S400 has been tested in many international competitions and proves to be just as good in hunting too. It is a highly well-balanced weapon that allows each shooter to hit its target accurately.

Long-term Unavailable

€ 596.1


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The 5 best pistols in the world: Colt M1911, Glock 17, Sig Sauer P226, Smith & Wesson M&P and CZ 75. We have each as a blank or air variation.

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