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PCP Air Rifles

Airgun Technology Uragan 2 BPS 700mm 5,5mm

Let us introduce the second generation of the popular PCP air rifle from Czech manufacturer Airgun Technology. Uragan 2 builds upon the successful concept of its predecessor and takes it even further. The redesigned monoblock, improved sound moderator and upgraded trigger mechanism are among the most prominent new features.

6 pcs in stock, October 5 - 9.

€ 1 679.7

PCP Air Rifles

Evanix Air Speed Gen. 2 5,5mm

The second generation of the semi-automatic Evanix Air Speed PCP air rifle is finally here and it’s faster and more reliable than before. It will offer you a high rate of fire and decent accuracy.

4 pcs in stock, October 5 - 9.

€ 1 156.1

PCP Air Rifles

Evanix Max Air II 5,5mm S

Evanix Max Air II is one of the fastest and most reliable semi-automatic PCP air rifles on the market today. Its rate of fire is only determined by how quickly you can pull the trigger. This model comes with two 10-shot magazines and a Quick-Fill nozzle.

12 pcs in stock, October 5 - 9.

€ 1 316.0

PCP Air Rifles

Evanix Raptor 5,5mm

Evanix Raptor is an excellent choice, if you are looking for a mid-ranged PCP air rifle. You can operate the side lever without having to take your eyes off the target. The wooden stock is checkered on the pistol grip and forearm.

6 pcs in stock, October 5 - 9.

€ 1 036.1

PCP Air Rifles

Evanix Sniper X2 5,5mm

Air tank of this model is made of composite material which is not so heavy as classic air tanks. Air capacity is incredible 480cc, which ensures a lot of constant shots even at full power.

4 pcs in stock, October 5 - 9.

€ 1 276.1

PCP Air Rifles

Weihrauch HW 100 S 5,5mm 50J

German quality PCP airgun with unlimited performance. It features a precise 600mm barrel with a detachable 1/2 UNF threaded sound moderator, a cartridge with a working pressure of 200 bar, magazine with a capacity of 14 rounds, adjustable two-stage trigger, manual safety and a magnificent wooden stock with a fixed double-sided cheekpiece and a lot of engravings.

5 pcs in stock, October 5 - 9.

€ 1 476.1

PCP Air Rifles

Evanix Max Air II 5,5mm Wood

This PCP air rifle will allow you to shoot in semi-automatic mode. It is also outfitted with a beautiful wooden stock and ergonomically shaped pistol grip. The air cylinder has a capacity of 280 cc and the maximum fill pressure is 250 Bar.

Temporarily Unavailable

€ 1 436.0


PCP Air Rifles

Gamo GX-250 6,35mm


GX-250 is a powerful PCP air rifle from Spanish manufacturer Gamo. It is a classic bolt-action repeater with black synthetic stock and 8-shot magazine. The air cylinder has a maximum fill pressure of 232 Bar and the gun is outfitted with a 11 mm Dovetail rail.

Temporarily Unavailable

€ 467.7


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