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An Effective Propellant For Airguns

CO2 Cartridges

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A large part of portions of airguns on our website are powered by cartridges containing carbon dioxide (CO2). These practical metal containers are available in two variants: 12g and 88g. You can also buy special oil cartridges which will help you to keep your gun in a good condition.
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CO2 Cartridges

Walther 88g CO2 Cartridge 1pc

This 88g CO2 cartridge is designed for air rifle. It should last for about 250 shots. The cartridge is single-use only and not refillable.

2 pcs in stock, March 29 - 31.

€ 13.2

Single-Use CO2 Cartridges For Airguns

You might have noticed that we offer a lot of air pistols, air rifles and RAM guns that are powered by cartridges containing carbon dioxide (CO2). The 12g cartridges are the most common type but some rifles require the larger 88g cartridges. They are all single-use only and it is not possible to refill them again.

Some Basic Rules

You have to empty the cartridge upon piercing it. We don’t recommend keeping a pierced cartridge inside your airgun for longer periods of time because the CO2 can damage the seals. Just dry fire the gun and then simply unscrew it if you have spent all of your ammunition and there is still some CO2 left in the cartridge. Another disadvantage lies in their dependency on the surrounding temperature. You won’t be able to shoot in temperatures below 10 °C.

Oil Cartridges Will Keep Your Airgun Running

Regular maintenance is just as important for airguns as it is for firearms. That is why we offer special oil cartridges that function like regular ones but will disperse oil into your gun with every shot you take. This will keep all the internal parts of your airgun well lubricated and in an excellent working condition. We recommend using an oil cartridge after every 10 regular cartridges.

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