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CO2 Air Pistols without realistic disassembly

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Umarex Glock 17 Gen5 BlowBack 4,5mm

This high-quality air pistol from German manufacturer Umarex is a replica of one of the most popular service pistols in the world – the Glock 17. It consists of a polymer frame and metal slide with realistic markings.

4 pcs in stock, estimated delivery: June 24 - 27.

$ 146.5

Glock 19X BlowBack BB 4,5mm


This air pistol is a well-made replica of the popular Glock 19X. It is powered by a single 12g CO2 cartridge and is designed to shoot steel BBs. The Blowback system gives it some recoil and simulates the realistic movement of the slide.

In Stock, estimated delivery: June 24 - 27.

$ 146.5

Umarex Heckler&Koch 45

Pistol is powered by classic 12g CO2 capsule which is placed in grip. Smooth barrel is intended for steel BBs and the capacity of magazine is 19 shots. 22mm weaver rail is located under the barrel.

1 pcs in stock, estimated delivery: June 24 - 27.

$ 82.0

Umarex Glock 17 Gen5 diabolo 4.5mm


Another in a series of successful Umarex replicas of the legendary fifth generation Glock 17 pistol. Like the previous models, this one has a faithful blowback system and works in semi-automatic mode, as the slide takes care of the cocking. This replica uses pellets as ammunition – this is made possible through a unique magazine with a built-in ammunition belt for 21 rounds.

Temporarily Unavailable

$ 175.2


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