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Blank Pistols - GSG Blank Pistols

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GSG Blank Pistols

GSG Blank Pistols GSG STG 44 cal.9mm

GSG STG 44 cal.9mm Blank Rifle GSG STG 44 cal.9mm
In stock
Sending on January 20
Subtotal:477.4 €

This blank rifle is a perfect replica of the legendary Sturmgewehr 44 which is considered by many to be the first proper assault rifle. It was adopted by the German army by the end of the Second World War.

GSG Blank Pistols GSG MP40 cal.9mm

GSG MP40 cal.9mm Blank Submachine Gun GSG MP40 cal.9mm
Temporary out of stock
You will be informed by phone about availability
Subtotal:388.5 €

This model is a blank replica of the MP 40 submachine gun which was used by the German army during the Second World War. It is one of the first guns that had a foregrip made of bakelite instead of the more traditional wood or metal.

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