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Backpack 55l ARMY

Special army backpack in sand colour with removable pouches and Molle suspension system.
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24 Months
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A bulky Armybackpack with padded zones, The body of the backpack has4 pockets - one main, one in the front and two internal. It measures 50 x 52 x 26 cm and offers roomy space for up to 55l items. The front of the backpack is equipped with a Molle system that allows retrofitting with additional modular parts. The pockets fasten with a durable two-way zipper. A big plus is the three removable pouches. The front pouch has 4 pockets. The pouches can be placed on the front or side of the pack as needed. The backpack can easily be converted into a satchel, using the belt found inside.

The durable material in the form of 100% polyester is additionally covered with a waterproof PVC layer. The entire backpack can be pulled across with the buckle straps. This will be especially appreciated when it is half empty. The total weight of the empty backpack is only 790 g.

Key Features of the 55l ARMY Backpack

  • Walls made of 100% polyester
  • Waterproof PVC surface
  • Downloading system
  • Ventilation system
  • Padded zones
  • Molle suspension system
  • Modifiable to belt bag


Package contents

  • Backpack 55l ARMY

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Volume (l):
55 l
1500 g
Desert Sand
24 Months

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