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Pepper Sprays

Anti-Attack OC JET 20ml Pepper Spray


Defensive pepper sprays contain highly concentrated Oleoresin Capsicum. The JET designation indicates a liquid projectile.
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24 Months
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Defensive pepper spray Anti-Attack OC JET 20ml is used for quick self-defense. It contains a highly concentrated Oleoresin Capsicum. The JET designation indicates a spray in the form of a liquid projectile. With this type, you have to aim better. The advantage is that even in stronger winds the substance does not turn against you.

The spray is 20ml. When continuously squeezed, the refill will be used up within 3 seconds.

The spray range is given up to 4 meters. Spray cannot be refilled.

Made in Germany.

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  • Spray

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20 ml
Nozzle Type:
4 m
24 Months

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Verified customer, from 26.06.2023

Machine translation

I ordered after reading many articles about a person (child) being attacked with serious consequences by a free-roaming dog. I could think of no other way to try to defend myself in such a case than to point a spray can at the unprovoked attacking dog. Especially if a child is threatened. I hope I never need to.

  • small
  • light
  • Handy

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Verified customer, from 25.12.2022

Machine translation

  • Ideal size.

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Registered user, from 11.12.2022

Machine translation

I've paralyzed a shoplifter and it's working. (the thief attacked me with butter of course :D)

  • Sufficient range
  • It paralyzes the attacker for long enough

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Verified customer, from 28.06.2022

Machine translation

I can't judge, this can't be tested

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Verified customer, from 29.05.2022

Machine translation

Not tried yet – I don't want to be surprised by my own eyes!

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