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Cometa Fenix 400 4,5mm SET

Cometa Fenix 400 4,5mm SET

Air rifle Cometa Fenix 400 4,5mm SET - Cometa Fenix 400 4,5mm SET
  • Air rifle Cometa Fenix 400 4,5mm SET - Cometa Fenix 400 4,5mm SET
  • Air rifle Cometa Fenix 400 4,5mm SET - Cometa Fenix 400 4,5mm SET
  • Air rifle Cometa Fenix 400 4,5mm SET - Cometa Fenix 400 4,5mm SET
  • Air rifle Cometa Fenix 400 4,5mm SET - Cometa Fenix 400 4,5mm SET

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246.7 €

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Manufacturer: Cometa
Item code:SETC400P450F
Warranty:24 months

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  • Shooting mode: Reloading
  • Safety: Yes
  • Power: 24 J
  • Weight: 3400 g
  • Overall Length: 1140 mm
  • Barrel Length: 450 mm
  • Mount Rail: 11 mm
  • Shot Capacity: No
  • Caliber: 4,5 mm
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Quality air rifle with a grooved barrel. The position of the trigger and its resistance is fully adjustable.The air rifle has an automatic safety, which is activated when the weapons is reloaded and needs to be unlocked before each shot. The stock is made of quality beech wood and is universal for both right-handed and left-handed users.
End of the weapon is equipped with anti-vibration rubber butt to reduce recoil to the shoulder. Compared to model 300, it has a better stock and dynamic shape is more fixed. One of the advantages of FENIX 400 is its simplicity and absolute reliability. The gun is suitable for recreational shooting, but also for some sports disciplines.

The air
ifle has a standard 11 mm mounting rail for mounting a rifle scope.
Part of the model is horizontally and vertically adjustable rear sight from optical fiber for better visibility (TRUGLO).

Comet boasts
of a century-old tradition of manufacturing high quality air guns. Cometa Air guns are famous all over world. This company brings to the industry a number of innovative elements. Beginning of the production dating back to the 19th century, more precisely in the year 1874.

Company Carabinas Cometa, S.A. is based on family tradition and therefore the production is only in Spain. Another specific feature is the individual control of each weapon. All air rifles are tested and calibrated one by one.

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