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Altaros Air Rifles

Air Rifles - Altaros Air Rifles

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Altaros Air Rifles

Altaros Air Rifles Altaros SA Assassin 4,5mm

Air rifle Altaros SA Assassin 4,5mm Altaros SA Assassin 4,5mm
Temporary out of stock
You will be informed by phone about availability
Subtotal:1 097.6 €

Brand new semi-automatic PCP air rifle from Czech producer Altaros. Altaros develop this rifle for 7 years and here is the final version. Great accuraccy and very reliable rifle. The whole concept comes from CZ 200.

Altaros Air Rifles Altaros M24 5,5mm

Altaros M24 5,5mm PCP Air Rifle Altaros M24 5,5mm
Temporary out of stock
You will be informed by phone about availability
Subtotal:980.4 €

Have you ever wanted an airgun that looks and feels like a real sniper rifle? The Czech company Altaros came up with a precise and powerful PCP air rifle that offers a lot of long range potential.

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