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Atak Arms Air Pistols

Air Pistols - Atak Arms Air Pistols

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Turkish company Atak Arms specializes mainly in the production of blank (signal) pistols and revolvers. More recently they started with production of sports air pistols Through years of experience with the production of weapons, these pistols are well constructed.

Pistols are labeled AS Zoraki HP-01 and there are both versions for right- or left-handers.
These pistols operate on the principle of pumping. There are only single-shot versions. Ideally ammunition are lead pellets, which guarantee an extreme accuracy. 

These pistols have a specially shaped handle that is very comfortable to hold and secure a stable grip. Zoraki HP-01 is available in two lengths. A longer version has an extended barrel and therefore is slightly more accurate.

Atak Arms Air Pistols Extended stock Zoraki HP-01

Extended stock Zoraki HP-01 Extended stock Zoraki HP-01
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Extended stock for Zoraki HP-01 and Zoraki HP01 Ultra with an adjustable cheekpiece. This lightweight model is made out of polymer.

Atak Arms Air Pistols Zoraki HP-01 Ultra PCP 5,5mm

Air pistol Zoraki HP-01 Ultra PCP 5,5mm Zoraki HP-01 Ultra PCP 5,5mm
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If you are looking for an extremely accurate pistol for pest control, you shoudl definetely choose the Ultra model, which has an extended barrel. Muzzle velocity in this model may be up to 155 m / s.

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