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TOP 15 air guns 2018

We have made a list of the most sold airguns of 2018

We have compiled a list of 15 best-selling airguns of 2018.

TOP 5 spring-piston air rifles


1. Weihrauch HW 77 4,5 mm

In our opinion, this is one of the best air rifle with underlever system on our market. And customers had the same feelings last year. It has a sporty trigger Rekord and automatic safety. You can use a fixed sights or mount a riflescope for accurate shooting.


2. Gamo Shadow DX 4,5 mm

Durable break-barrel model, which you can also find in our offer with riflescope 3-9x40. A well-formed stock made of durable ABS plastic is fitted with a Shock Wave Absorber (SWA) system that absorbs up to 74% of recoil. The high-quality barrel delivers high precision.

3. Hammerli Hunter Force 900 4,5 mm

Popular air rifle with under-lever system produced under the auspices of Umarex. The model is characterized by a massive wooden stock with engraving. Air rifle is supplied with riflescope 6x40 which is included.


4. Gamo Replay 10 4,5 mm

Unique break-barrel air rifle, which, as the only one of its kind, has a magazine. Technically, the model ranks among the most modern spring-piston air rifles. A great advantage is the CAT trigger system.

5. Cometa Fenix 400 4,5 mm

Beautiful wooden stock is the main dominant feature of the whole air rifle. The workmanship is really high and together with accuracy, it is ranked among the top of this price category. Classic sights has a TRU-GLO system which helps to aim in bad weather conditions.




TOP 5 CO2 air rifles


1. SPA CR600W 4,5 mm

Clearly the best-selling CO2 airgun of last year. A lightweight wooden stock makes this model really suitable for all shooters. You can shoot with one-shot reduction or magazine.  The CR600W is also the most accurate model in the entire section.


2. Sig Sauer MPX 4,5 mm

High-quality air rifle characterized by a specially developed magazine system. Instead of classical rounded magazine, Sig Sauer developed a belt system. As a result, the capacity of the magazine was increased to 30 rounds. You can fit red dot or riflescope on 22mm weaver rail.

3. Crosman DPMS SBR Full Auto 4,5 mm

This model is mainly valued for its low weight and high accuracy. The polymer stock has a well-processed finish. Magazine can hold up to 12 pellets. Ideal airgun for hobby and fun shooting even for the young shooters.


4. ASG TAC 4,5 mm

Tactical air rifle supplied with the bipod. You can use top and bottom weaver rail to place any accessories there. For example, you can put a red dot on the top reail and flashlight on the bottom side. The airgun is powered by a 12g capsule.

5. Crosman 1077 4,5 mm

This model is mainly valued for its low weight and high accuracy. The polymer stock has a well-processed finish. Magazine can hold up to 12 pellets. Ideal airgun for hobby and fun shooting even for the young shooters.



TOP 5 PCP air rifles


1. Crosman Pumpmaster 760 Set 4,5 mm

Low weight pumping model has been leading the world's best-selling air rifle ever since its release. The air rifle is supplied in a set with riflescope, glasses, steel BBs, targets and pellets. Grooved barrel guarantees accurate shoting with lead pellets. Pumpmaster is also suitable for beginner young shooters.


2. Weihrauch HW 100 S 4,5 mm

Significant model, which is fitted with beautiful wooden stock with engraving. It is produced in 4.5 and 5.5 caliber. The quality and accuracy has been proved in test on 30 meter distance when 30 shots has been places in 10 mm grouping. Available is also more expensive laminate version.

3. Taipan Veteran Standart 5,5 mm

The next generation brings a number of innovations and improvements.nbsp;One of the most accurate PCPs with the best trigger mechanism has got a brand new design. You can choose a premium laminate stock or a classic wooden with decorative engraving. We have tested 150 pieces of this rifle and we can say that we did not shoot with better airgun so far.


4. Huben K1 6,35 mm

Unconventional Bullpub in a new version of 6.35 mm caliber. Even though the air rifle works in semi-automatic mode, it excels in a great grouping. Regulated power of this model and 600 mm long barrel are the main dominants. Rifle has integrated silencer through the whole barrel. The large air tank holds up to 292 cm3 or air.

5. Kral Arms Puncher Breaker W Silent 5,5 mm

Turkish manufacturer has literally occupied the PCP market of middle class airguns, thanks to the good quality and equipment at an unbeatable price. Puncher Breaker is fitted in a beautiful wooden walnut stock, shrouded barrel and plastic cheekpiece. You can use single-shot reduction or 2 magazines which are included.       



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