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Riflescope choice

How to choose a right riflescope and red dot

Air rifles in these days reach amazing accuracy over long distances, so that is why the main question is how to quickly and accurate aim on target.

Two basic concepts in the field of optics are red dots and riflescopes. It is important to know on what king of airgun we want to use the optic. Is it a pistol or a rifle? Do I shoot for short or long distances? What is the size of the target? If we are clear about these issues, we can go to the sights selection.

Red Dots

The red dots are used for bigger targets at shorter distances. It is more about tactical aiming, as it usually does not magnificate and is more suitable for guns and tactical rifles, such as Sig Sauer MPX.

Red dots
are divided into two groups that you can recognise at a glance. The first are open red dots where the light point is transmitted to a slide that is ejected at the front. This type is an excellent choice for classic pistols. Thanks to the large field of view, it is not necessary to have the red dot at the exact distance and level from the eye. If you are looking for a model that perfectly meets today's requirements, we recommend the Valiant Micro PointSight Red Dot. It's one of the smallest collimators on the market that you can use not only for airguns but also weapons falling under the category of arms license. The manufacturer has no restrictions here!

The second group are closed red dots . These models visualy reminds scopes, but they are considerably shorter. It is more appropriate for Sig Sauer MPX tactical weapons, due to the smaller field of view. The rifle cheekpiece will speed up and simplify aiming through the eyepiece of the red dot.

Red dot operation is very simple and fast. It works on the principle of a battery that transmits a red light on a



Riflescope selection is often a very underestimated matter. Lots of shooters invest a lot of money into rifles, but they choose a bad riflescopes and blame the rifle for terrible accuracy. On our website you will find riflescopes with different designations such as Valiant 4-16x50 SF SIR FBR, which at first glance tells you nothing about that. That is why we first explain what all of these signs means.

Magnification (zoom)

There are a lot of digits in the names of riflescopes, but each has a clear and distinct meaning. Model Valiant 3-9x40 AOIR means zoom 3-9x. The scope will give you a maximum of nine magnification. This parameter is one of the most important while selecting a riflescope. If you want to shoot at longer distances, it is better to choose high magnification, such as Valiant 5-20x50. Another example can be Valiant 6x40, which indicates a fixed six-fold magnification. It means that you can not move with the zoom. It is set to the level of 6x. All riflescopes with fixed magnification have better resistance also.

Parallax adjustments

This element is often marked as SF (Side Focus) and AO (Adjustable Objective). The SF model indicates the side parallax located on the side turret of the scope. For AO, parallax is on the front objective. The third group are riflescopes without parallax.

Parallax help to focus the view in various distant targets with varying magnification settings. Another advantage is that when you focus on parallax you know how far the target is aproximately

Tube and Objective

Riflescopes are manufactured in two tubes with a diameter of 25.4 mm (1 ") and 30 mm. The first mentioned tube is usually in a lower range of manufacturers. This is not a disadvantage, some shooters have a lower weight and smaller magnification in their requiry. 30 mm tube is used extensively in the higher range of riflescopes. The advantage is greater lightness of the riflescopes but at the same time they have a higher weight.

The riflescope objective, or the last digit in the riflescope name, indicates the size of the output lens. In Valiant 4-16x50 riflescopes, diameter is 50 mm. The size of the lens affects the brightness of the viewfinder. If the number is higher, more light will break on the lens to provide a sharper image. When using the rifle in the early evening, the lens size will provide a distinctive view for a longer time.

Diopter correction

Diopter correction is used to focus the reticle in your view. Almost all models have correction from -2 to +2 diopteres. So it simplify shooting for people who have an eye defect.


The main element of each riflescope is its reticle, which allows shooters to perform accurately. Reticles can be divided into two basic types, namely the wire or etched reticle. Wire reticle is more often used in cheaper scopes. The etched reticle is directly in lens and is used in more expensive scopes.

Nowadays also illumination is widely used. An advantage is the possibility of shooting in the dark and helps if target coincides with reticle. Color is usually red & green, with intensity adjustments.

Manufacturers adapt their reticles according to their own needs and requirements. For example Valiant, which offers two types of reticl that have been created according to shooter requirements. The first model is called FBR, which has the advantage of Dots going completely to the bottom. When shooting, the shooter has more options for aiming at longer distance. The second type is called HFT. As the name itself says, it is a special reticle for the HFT sport discipline, where shooters are shooting at a different distant targets.
We can also use this reticle for hobby shooting to explore the real distance of our targets.

How we mentioned above, we to be clear in some questions

On what distance you are going to use the scope?

If it is mostly 10-15 m distances, you do not need unnecessarily large zoom. Fixed magnification 4x32 will be really enough. 

If you are shooting at different distances up to 30 meters, we recommend to use a 3-9x40 riflescope, which will provide you a sufficient

If you are a shooter who uses the weapon to the maximum distance, we recommend one of the most commonly used 4-16x50 approaches.

2. How big targets are you shooting on?

This question is on the same level as a distance question.

Shooting on smaller targets require a higher magnification. 

Popular brands including Nikko Stirling, which generally produces lower quality riflescopes, but also offers a larger range made in Japan.

Valiant producer in recent years introduced new scopes which are the best choice with the quality / price ratio. The quality of etched reticle and one-piece main tubes is at the level of world brands such as Hawke, Vortex, or Optisan. At the IWA Fair 2018 in Nuremberg, a new reticle for the sport discipline HFT was introduced. It was developed by the company in collaboration with world masters of this discipline. Valiant series are suitable for all weapons without performance constraints. You will not have a problem to find the right optics for you.

In our offer you will also find the world's leading manufacturers such as Raven, Hawke, Walther, Nikko Stirling, Optisan, Vortex, Sightron, MTC and others.


First of all you have to determine which dovetail does your rifle have. For air guns, this is usually 11 mm or 22mm weaver rail. The second step is to determine the height of mount. We always recommend installing as low as possible so that the scope is as close as possible to the body of the gun. Mounting height is given in mm and is measured from the bottom edge of the eye to the gun body.

Mounts can be divided into two groups. The first group are one-pieced. Suitable for rifles with heavy recoils.

Thanks to its lightness and variability, the two-part mount is a more frequent type. For PCP and CO2 guns, we recommend two-piece mounting because they do not suffer from recoils like a spring-powered weapon.

The popular manufacturer is Raven, which offers a great selection of these products.

Some manufacturers
are supplying mounts with their scopes already. So we recommend to check the type before purchase.


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