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High power air rifles are available for purchase in the Czech Republic from February 1, 2022

High power air rifles are available for purchase in the Czech Republic from February 1, 2022


Information You have to remember that this law only applies to the Czech Republic. You can legally buy these airguns here, but you still have to act in accordance with the laws of your own country.

Extrémně silné vzduchovky

There was a new amendment to the gun law in the Czech Republic. The 16 J limitation is over and you can now legally buy all airguns up to .25 caliber (6,35 mm) with unlimited muzzle energy in the Czech Republic.  

An Example

Let’s take a look at the Taipan Veteran in .25 caliber (6,35 mm). All you need to do is to replace the hammer spring and voilà  – 16 J suddenly becomes 85 J. That is some serious power increase and it will have a positive impact on long range capabilities of this airgun.  

set up the optimal muzzle energy to match the weight of your ammunition and the range. It should work like this:  

An Example

Father has his PCP air rifle set to 60 J and is usually shooting at 150 m. He has the option to lower the overall power to make the rifle safer for teaching his son how to shoot. It will also mean that he will be able to get more shots out of one filling.    

Nejsilnější vzduchovky


Spring Piston Will Test Your Shoulder And Scope

A lot of airgun shooters chase after the maximum possible muzzle energy. They will often buy most powerful airguns they can find and then combine it with a cheap scope. This becomes apparent when they try to zero their new rifle. The high power spring piston can not only mess up your shoulder but also your scope.  

Scopes with broken wire reticles are more common than you might think. You are going to have to use iron sights or invest in some quality scope with a glass etched reticle if you want an air rifle with powerful spring piston.   


Gas Piston Air Rifles Offer Significant Power

You will now be able to fully appreciate the difference between the gas piston and the standard spring piston. Your 21 J spring piston rifle might have already destroyed 3 scopes while the gas piston still acts more or less the same even with increased power.   


What Does The Absence Of Power Limitation Bring

The revocation of the 16 J limitation for airguns in the Czech Republic brings a number of new possibilities. You will finally be able to enjoy long range shooting. You can even attempt to break the world record which currently stands at 1280 m (1400 yd). It is held by the Altaros M24 PCP air rifle in .22 caliber (5,5 mm). You will also be able to take part in new forms of shooting disciplines like the Benchrest shooting and so much more.  





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