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Christmas is coming.

Dear Customers! We have prepared our first newsletter about some bestsellers from our offer.

You will find here also some special Christmas product in sale below.

First of all, we would like to mention blank guns, which are the best selling products worldwide. There are many producers who make 100% replicas such as Umarex or Bruni. If you are looking for some Walther or Glock 17 authentic replicas, you will be really satisfied with the quality.




Blank guns are intended for several purposes such as self defense, shooting pyro flares, sport activities and dog training. You can also choose between different calibers like 6mm, 8mm and 9mm. All our blank guns have metal rod inside the barrel so it is not possible to shoot real ammunition from them. The most powerfull self defense ammunition from WADIE producer is PV-S Supra Pepper ammo. You can also choose Wadie CS ammo and Flash Defense with special effect of real firing “ explosion “ from the barrel. Please keep in mind that blank revolvers have different kind of ammunition! You are not able to shoot blank pistol ammunition with revolvers.

The next category of the best selling products are flobert guns. The popularity of these guns is growing really fast these days. You can choose there between classic long rifles mainly produced by The Czech company Spielberg Brno, flobert revolvers produced by The Czech company Alfa Proj which have the highest quality of all or Turkish bestsellers Zoraki. Floberts are made in 4mm and 6mm calibers. They can be used for target shooting, practise of shooting or self defense too. There are only 2 producers of ammunition in the world, German RWS and Czech Sellior&Bellot. If you are looking for target shooting only, we definitely recommend rounded ball ammunition. Flobert ammunition with tip are used for destructive shooting only.

SpielbergFlobert Alfa

Christmas is coming so choose the best gift for you.


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