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Choice of weapons, ammunition and accessories

Choice of weapons, ammunition and accessories

How to choose a air rifle correctly.

Piston air rifle - the driving device is a piston which is driven by a spring. The spring is tensioned and after you release it, the piston pushes air into the barrel, where the pellet is drived out. The advantage of piston air rifles is the possibility of easy handling and extending without any other additional equipment or air tanks. A disadvantage is lower accuracy because the spring is launched in a different power each shot. Also, the piston has a low efficiency which is dependent on many other influences. Due to inconsistencies shooting, the piston air rifle is less accurate than CO2 air rifles.

Pneumatic air rifles – there are 2 types. 1) PCP (pre-charge pneumatic) - the gun has its own air tank which gives a consistent number of shots per tank storage. It also depends on type of mechanics which doses the air (usually from 30 to 300 shots).2) Multi-pump –   in this type u have to pump the air with a lever which is usually located under the barell.These guns are usually used to target shooting due to lower energy.
Generally, pneumatic air rifles are characterized by high accuracy.

CO2 air rifles
– these types use disposable CO2 tanks. Due to low pressure and storage... The advantage is excellent accuracy and consinstence shooting. Disadvantage is that pressured CO2 is depended on temperature.

Why to choose air rifles ?

Target shooting: The best PCP air rifles are among the most accurate weapons in the world. So it is not surprise that the air rifle target shooting is so popular. In many countries, such as Germany or England, shooting clubs are common, which bring together friends of target shooting. There are organized tournaments and other measuring of forces between sport shooters. Air rifles and pistols shooting is Olympic discipline too. There also starts a hunter shooting to metallic silhouette and moving targets.

Small pests control:
You can use your air rifle for hunting small pests.

Fun shooting: Fun Shooting can be also a hobby which brings a pleasure and practises your condition and other abilitties. There is no problem to take your air rifle on vacation, a trip or just go with your friends somewhere, where you can safely enjoy shooting. Safe place for shooting without any problems can be found in the garden 10x10m and u will not endanger your neighbors. Shooting “ at home “ allows you to train anytime you like and you do not need to travel on shooting range. Low energy and quietness of shots allows you to shoot in indoor places.

Air rifle is an excellent tool for sport shooters during training. Frequent training improves  your skills and teach you to safely manipulate with guns.

Most of target air rifle has a maximum range of 400 meters and shot is very light. Therefore, your neighbor can feel safe, even if you are practicing shooting. Having air rifle at home is much less dangerous than owning a normal gun.

How to choose the right one for you ?

Utilization: Choice of air rifles depeneds on what it will be used.

For Target shooting:
For classic aiming (through diopter) is enough to use air rifle of performance with 7,5J

Fun shooting and target shooting:
On smaller or higher distance will be the best PCP air rifles with great aiming in 4,5mm (0.177) caliber with pressure regulator and bigger air tank. You will need the highest power for shooting on long distance – 16J. A big advantage is charging device and  high quality stock.

Fun shooting and hunting small pests:
For hunting will best suit PCP air rifle of 5,5mm (0.22) or 4,5mm (0.177) caliber. Pressure regulator is not so important for hunting small pests as the perfectly aiming. The essential is also charging device.

Sport discipline Field Target Shooting: For this discipline you need a sport air rifle. These types have adjustable stock in all  directions, pressure regulator, larger magazine and amazing aiming. For this discipline there are avaible a several speacial air rifles, for example  Air Arms EV2

The shooter may not be the only cause of inaccurate shooting. Here are some tips that can help you to improve your results in rifle shooting.

Allowed screws:
Piston airguns have inaccuracies due to allowed clamping of metal body to a wooden stock. Mostly, there are 2 screws, one in front part of the stock and the second at the trigger. It is very important to have all the screws tightened. Good tightening is a condition to eliminate inaccuracies. However, beware of over-tightening. Much pressure on wooden stock may mean its destruction.

Allowed sights: Make sure that the front sight and rear sights are firmly attached to the body of the weapon. If you have fixed sights, the rear sights may not move. If you use a riflescope you should choose a reliable mounts. For better scopes already common aluminum mounts will not be enough. You will need to use dural or steel mounts. You can always use a specialized workshop to mount your riflescope. Everything have to be "sitting", no backlash.

Incorrect Riflescope: Even with classical air rifle Slavia, it is a good idea to get a good scope. Cheapest riflescopes of types 4x20 or 3-7x20 are not a good choice. Most of them are not produced in a good quality so they can not stay accurate for long time. Variable often changes the aiming when you are changing a magnification. At worst models there is a common when something break inside of scope due to recoil. If you own a PCP rifle you should also put more money into the rifle scope. It is necessary to look directly into the riflescope (riflescope eye axis) with cheaper models without parallax correction .

Ammunition: as I wrote in the "ammunition" section, suitable pellets can reduce your scattering surprisingly a lot. If you want to shoot with the scope at a target at a distance more than 10 meters,  you should chose better ammunition. Diabolo Standart and other types of available ammunition is not suitable for accurate shooting. Each weapon can have different suitable pellets. After buying an airgun you should also buy several types of ammunition and try them to target at the desired distance to test which will achieve the smallest scatter. Use only good quality ammunition. Do not use old oxidized pellets. Discard all damaged pellets which you fill find before loading them to rifle. Quality clean pellets also benefit the barrel of your gun.

Cleaning: for high accuracy of shooting you should not neglect the cleaning of the barrel after shooting about 1 000 pellets . If you do not have a set for cleaning the barrel, just stretch fishing line from the muzzle to the inlet for the pellet. Here you do on the line loop, put a thin piece of cloth to loop and stretch it through the barrel. It is good to stretch at least twice with a cloth lightly oiled.  After  that, strech the clean cloath several time throught hte barrel until it is clear. Cleaning the barrel with wire can damage the grooves.

How to choose the correct riflescope ?

When you are looking for a new riflescope you need to consider the purpose of the use. Nowadays, there are plenty of new scopes as special, as well as normal for common use.

If you are looking for a hunting  riflescope, when u will use it mainly from the shed, for hunting at night and in poor visibility, you will need scope with the greatest magnification and the best light properties (8x56, or min. 7X50).

We must remember that the larger the objective lens diameter is, the diameter of the exit pupil of the light beam emerging from the eyepiece larger and thus there is greater brightness. On the other hand, the larger diameter of the lens and the greater the magnification, the smaller field of view and this is not ideal shooting at a moving beasts.

If you choose a riflescope with variable magnification, it has a slightly lower light transmission factor and usually it is mor sensitive to kickback. For this reason, you must carefully consider the selection of scope. Especially on stronger caliber rifles we recommend to choose a quality brand riflescope.

When Choosing a riflescope there is not good idea to try save a money. If you will make a decision for a cheaper alternative, just ask the seller for the recommendation or ask your friends who have some good experience. Pay attention also to enclosed technical information.

High quality scopes should have lens covered with a multiple antireflection layer, which increases the light transmission factor of the optical system.

When choosing a riflescope pay attention to surface inspection, quality workmanship, shortcomings and defects on the cover of scope may signify a poor quality of scope. The best optics have glass lenses. Plastic substitutes will be disclosed by low weight of scope. Quality optics are fitted with so-called etched crosses, which are very sharp and subtle unlike metal crosses.

How to choose the correct pellets ?

Ammunition can be divided according to the shape, here are brief descriptions of each group:

Flat head - a very popular sport pellets used for target shooting for their accuracy. Even cheap pellets of this type are very accurate. They have a perfect aerodynamic properties, so rapidly loses energy during flight. Due to the shape of the head they cut a nice circle to the target, which is an advantage for the reading of the results. Also suitable for small pest control at a short distance, because transmit more energy.

Half-rounded head - excellent ammunition for every style of shooting. Thanks to better aerodynamics than flat heads have, they lose less energy in flight. They can be accurate as flat heads, but  it need more accurate production - thus it is necessary to choose a good brand. Suitable for target shooting and hunting.

Pointed head - excellent aerodynamics means the smallest loss of energy during flight. Their flight trajectory is the flattest. However they are not accurate as the round head. Not suitable for hunting due to the large penetration - there is a shot through the target.

Head with hollow - the least accurate of the mentioned types. They are the best pellets for hunting. Their effects in the body of target are destructive. There are not commercially available.

We recommend to choose the most suitable type of pellets for your rifle and use only that type. With odifferent pellets comes different shooting results. The clear leader  of pellets production is JSB Match Diabolo for us. They belong to the best ammunition in the world. JSB Exact are highly accurate pellets for target shooting at a great distance and are also suitable for entertaining shooting.


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