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Archery as an ideal activity

This year, it seemed that the cold winter is not willing to give up at all. Several times it had gone but it had always come back, so those of us who love outdoor activities had to wait. It was worthwhile to wait. Yes, spring is really here and outdoor sports too, so why not to focus on one of them in this article.

Therefore it is certainly advisable to find an activity where children are entertained while developing. Ideal outdoor activity, of course under the supervision of adults, is certainly an archery. There was written a lot about the bows. This article focuses on a complete basics what we should know. We choose a classical bow. Let's summarize basic things you should focus on and look at the bows from our offer that are worth to consider.

When you are looking for a right choice, two parameters are important there: the force of the drawing, which takes into account our physical strength, and the height of our character from which we determine the length of the shoulders. Of course we have to take into account that the needs are always individual, so the best way how to find out what suits best for you, is to come personally to the shop and try several models. It means taking it in your hand and trying to draw it.

Height of the character:
64 "- 162.6cm - height: 148-166cm
66 "- 167.6cm - Height: 160-183cm
68 "- 172.7cm - Height: 165-185cm
70 "- 177.8cm - Height: 185cm and more

Strength of drawing:
Juniors up to 14 years - bow strength up to 20 lb
Girls and teens - bow strength 20 lb-26 lb
Beginners - bow strength 24lb to 28lb
Advanced - bow strength 30lb-50lb

According to these basic tables, you can roughly make a picture of a bow that will be suitable for you. You will also choose by your eyes, because a design means a lot to us. If you are looking for a professional classical bow, be sure to focus on Jandao bows. In our offer you will definitely find your ideal. All versions are with both black and white shoulders. If you need a special design, you can choose among 3 colors of body. Build a bow of your dreams from the parts of Jandao and separate yourself from others.
Picture 1

If you already have a bow, it's time to focus on the arrows . The basic rule is that the tip of the arrow does not touch the body. When you draw the bow maximally what you can, the arrow should have always 2cm at least pending. Of course, now we are talking a lot in the general. As time passes, the shooter stabilizes habits, and then you can experiment with the length of the arrow. Material is also an important thing. Wooden arrows are the basic choice. The price is the most affordable and the beginner is sufficient. A major disadvantage, however, is the durability when the wooden arrows are easier to break. Other materials are laminate - it is more resistant, there are longitudinal fractures, dural - very resistant, we do not bend, it bends in case of very hard surface of the target. The best choice is definitely a carbon arrow. Carbon arrows do not crack or climb. If you are looking for the most durable material, then carbon will be a total winner here.

When we have a bow and arrows, it is time to thing about the last important thing– choice of the target . If you want to shoot and do not grab a neighbor at the grill it is advisable to invest in a proper target. The ideal solution is the straw circular target for an archery. Straw can catch and protects arrow from bending or damage. A paper target or a figure silhouette can be attached to the landing.
Picture 2
An archery is an amazing activity for adults and kids too. We wish you a lot of fun and a sucessful shooting!


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