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Ekol Firat Compact nickel cal.9mm172.55
Subtotal: 72.6 €
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Ekol Firat Compact nickel cal.9mm 1 pcs 72.6 €
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Fox Pistol Crossbows

Pistol Crossbows - Fox Pistol Crossbows

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Fox Pistol Crossbows

Crossbow Fox MKE A3 80lbs Fox MKE A3 80lbs

Fox MKE A3 80lbs

This crossbow is primarily intended for learning the basics of the sport and also for recreational use. Limbs are made of fiberglass. Draw weight of this model is 80lbs.

In stock
Sending on August 17
Our price: 37.3 €

Fox Pistol Crossbows Fox MKE A2 50lb

Crossbow Fox MKE A2 50lb Fox MKE A2 50lb
In stock
Sending on August 17
Subtotal:34.9 €

This is the basic pistol crossbow which is suitable mainly for recreational use. draw weight of this crossbow is 50lb. The effective range is about 15 meters.

Fox Pistol Crossbows Fox MKE A4 COBRA 80lbs

Crossbow Fox MKE A4 COBRA 80lbs Fox MKE A4 COBRA 80lbs
In stock
Sending on August 17
Subtotal:54.5 €

This model contains crossbow muzzle and adjustable rear sight for better aiming. This model is especially designed for aluminum arrows with metal broadheads. The effective range is a 15 meters.

Fox Pistol Crossbows Fox MKE A1 50lbs

Crossbow Fox MKE A1 50lbs Fox MKE A1 50lbs
Temporary out of stock
You will be informed by phone about availability
Subtotal:21.6 €

Classic pistol crossbow which is intended primarily for recreational shooting. Crossbow body is made of durable polymer. We recommend to use plastic darts with sharp broadheads.

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