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Blanks are primarily used for self-defense, shooting fireworks or to start races.

We offer blanks from these world renowned manufacturers: Umarex, Wadie, Yavascalar, Sellier and Bellot, PTG. You can choose between 6mm, 8 mm and 9 mm blanks.

You can also find here blanks for self-defence: Flash defense, CS, PV (pepper), PV-S (suppra pepper).

Airgun Pellets 4,5mm (0.177) JSB Exact Express 4,52mm

Pellets JSB Exact Express 4,52mm JSB Exact Express 4,52mm
In stockSending immediately
Subtotal:7.0 €

Is the power of your air rifle restricted and you require a fast pellet? Try the Exact Express model, which takes over all advantages of heavier pellet at a lower weight.

Evanix Air Rifles Evanix Rainstorm SL 5,5mm

Air rifle Evanix Rainstorm SL 5,5mm Evanix Rainstorm SL 5,5mm
In stockSending immediately
Subtotal:651.0 €

The caliber of 5.5 mm has even more destructive effect, but still keeps excellent accuracy. So it is suitable for target shooting and hunting. The advantage is adjustable butt.

Umarex Air Revolvers Colt Python 6" black Pellets/BBs

Umarex Colt Python 6" black Pellets/BBs Colt Python 6" black Pellets/BBs
In stockSending immediately
Subtotal:77.4 €

This model is intended for target shooting thanks to the grooved barrel but it can be also used for fun shooting to tins. Magazines are included and CO2 cartridge is inserted into the grip.

Umarex Air Revolvers Umarex Colt Python 6" nickel

Air revolver Umarex Colt Python 6" nickel Umarex Colt Python 6" nickel
In stockSending immediately
Subtotal:155.1 €

Crosman Air Pistols Crosman C41

Air pistol Crosman C41 Crosman C41
In stockSending immediately
Subtotal:69.9 €

This model is a replica of a military pistol from World War II. This gun is driven by CO2 and shoots steel BBs. Mag. capacity is 18 shots. The advantage are fixed sights, which facilitates shooting

SPA Air Rifles SPA PR900W 4,5mm

Air Rifle SPA PR900W 4,5mm SPA PR900W 4,5mm
In stockSending immediately
Subtotal:221.7 €

One of the most afordable air rifle with one magazine included. Filling is via diving bottle or hand pump, which is needed to purchase. You can you classic sights or purchase a riflescope.

Magazines for Air Pistols Magazine Umarex TDP 45

Magazine Umarex TDP 45 Magazine Umarex TDP 45
In stockSending immediately
Subtotal:10.7 €

Crosman Air Rifles Crosman Marlin Cowboy 4,5mm

Air rifle Crosman Marlin Cowboy 4,5mm Crosman Marlin Cowboy 4,5mm
In stockSending immediately
Subtotal:51.1 €

Rifle which is inspired by the Wild West. As ammunition uses steel BBs. The biggest advantage of this rifle is its light weight and simplicity. This makes it absolutely hassle free.

Airgun Pellets 5,5mm (0.22) JSB Exact Jumbo 5,50mm 500pcs

Pellets JSB Exact Jumbo 5,50mm 500pcs JSB Exact Jumbo 5,50mm 500pcs
In stockSending immediately
Subtotal:8.1 €

Exact Jumbo are the best choice for shooting at longer-distance due to its weight, specially designed shape, perfectly choosen the center of gravity and careful hand-picking one by one.

Umarex Air Revolvers Smith&Wesson M&P45

Air pistol Smith&Wesson M&P45 Smith&Wesson M&P45
In stockSending immediately
Subtotal:109.2 €

You will especially appreciate the opportunity of shooting with lead pellets. This makes the model intended primarily for accurate target shooting. The package includes 2 pieces of magazine.

Umarex Air Pistols Walther CP 88

Air pistol Walther CP 88 Walther CP 88
In stockSending immediately
Subtotal:188.4 €

Faithful replica of pistol P88, which has a full metal construction and plastic grip. CO2 capsule is inserted into the magazine. Shooting with lead pellets. 8 round magazine.

Walther Air Rifles Walther Terrus WS 4,5mm

Air rifle Walther Terrus WS 4,5mm Walther Terrus WS 4,5mm
In stockSending immediately
Subtotal:292.0 €

The advantage of this rifle is its barrel. This model is classic with break-barrel system. It is a single-shot model for pellets. You can use 11mm dovetail for mounting scope.

ASG Air Pistols ASG Dan Wesson 8" Silver 4,5mm

 ASG Dan Wesson 8" Silver 4,5mm
In stockSending immediately
Subtotal:121.8 €

Umarex Air Rifles Umarex 850 AirMagnum Target Kit 4,5mm

Air rifle Umarex 850 AirMagnum Target Kit 4,5mm Umarex 850 AirMagnum Target Kit 4,5mm
In stockSending immediately
Subtotal:417.8 €

One of the most famous C02 air rifles which is supplied in interesting set. Pack includes riflescope, adapter for 12g CO2 cartridges. Barrel is finished with sound moderator.

Umarex Air Pistols Umarex WALTHER CP 99 compact

Air pistol Umarex WALTHER CP 99 compact Umarex WALTHER CP 99 compact
In stockSending immediately
Subtotal:114.4 €

Compact version is smaller and therefore well controlled. The entire body is made of durable polymer that can withstand with even rough handling. The breech is made of metal.

Atak Arms Air Pistols Zoraki HP-01 PCP 5,5mm

Air pistol Zoraki HP-01 PCP 5,5mm Zoraki HP-01 PCP 5,5mm
In stockSending immediately
Subtotal:205.4 €

The 5.5 mm caliber is able to develop muzzle velocity up to 144 m / s, which is already enough for hunting and pest control. Sports-shaped pistol grip is perfect for stable and comfortable grip.

Umarex Air Pistols Umarex Beretta APX

 Umarex Beretta APX
In stockSending immediately
Subtotal:120.3 €

Crosman Air Pistols Crosman 1377 Black

Air pistol Crosman 1377 Black Crosman 1377 Black
In stockSending immediately
Subtotal:80.7 €

This air pistol has a patented pump system. With it you can determine the power of shot. It is particularly suitable for target shooting. We offer this model in two colors: black and brown.

ASG Air Pistols ASG Bersa BP9CC

Air pistol ASG Bersa BP9CC ASG Bersa BP9CC
In stockSending immediately
Subtotal:77.4 €

Suitable for all pistol shooters. This is a faithful copy of the Argentine Bersa pistol. The model is equipped wih 20-shots magazine. There is a safety agains unwanted shot.

Umarex Air Pistols Heckler&Koch MP5 K-PDW

Air pistol Heckler&Koch MP5 K-PDW Heckler&Koch MP5 K-PDW
In stockSending immediately
Subtotal:136.6 €

This weapon is a unique replica of submachine Hk MP5 with original logos. The advantage is a high capacity magazine, which is up to 41pcs of steel BBs. Another positive feature is the folding stock.

Crosman Air Rifles Crosman Remington Vantage 4,5mm

Air rifleCrosman Remington Vantage 4,5mm Crosman Remington Vantage 4,5mm
Temporary out of stock
You will be informed by phone about availability
Subtotal:147.7 €

Nicely processed spring-piston air rifle with a wooden stock. Set includes a riflescope. The advantage is TRU-GLO system which facilitates shooting. Of course there is a safety against unwanted shot.

Gamo Air Rifles Gamo Hunter DX Combo 4,5mm

Air rifle Gamo Hunter DX Combo 4,5mm Gamo Hunter DX Combo 4,5mm
Temporary out of stock
You will be informed by phone about availability
Subtotal:214.3 €

Kalibrgun Air Rifles Kalibrgun Cricket Standart PLB 5,5mm

Air rifle Cricket Standart PLB 5,5mm Kalibrgun Cricket Standart PLB 5,5mm
Temporary out of stock
You will be informed by phone about availability
Subtotal:1 254.6 €

Classical bullpup rifle that attracts with its compact size. Magazines are reloading by a side lever mechanism. At the end of the cartridge is integrated manometer.

Česká Zbrojovka Air Rifles CZ 200 S FS 5,5mm

Air rifle CZ 200 S FS 5,5mm CZ 200 S FS 5,5mm
Temporary out of stock
You will be informed by phone about availability
Subtotal:466.0 €

PCP rifle of very popular Czech manufacturer. The rifle comes in a beech wood stock. The package includes a fill and drain valve. The basic version is single-shot.

Daystate Air Rifles Daystate Huntsman Classic 5,5mm

Air rifle Daystate Huntsman Classic 5,5mm Daystate Huntsman Classic 5,5mm
Temporary out of stock
You will be informed by phone about availability
Subtotal:1 106.2 €

This model is among the basic models of known Daystate company. It comes with an engraved wooden stock. Double skinned barrel makes shooting even quieter.

Česká Zbrojovka Air Rifles Slavia 634 Red 4,5mm

Air rifle Slavia 634 Red 4,5mm Slavia 634 Red 4,5mm
Temporary out of stock
You will be informed by phone about availability
Subtotal:199.5 €

Unconventional polymer stock. Rifles body remains the same as the model with a wooden stock. Breaking barrel system. The rifle is a single shot.

Magazines for Air Rifles Magazine Weihrauch HW 100 4,5mm

Magazine Weihrauch HW 100 4,5mm Magazine Weihrauch HW 100 4,5mm
Temporary out of stock
You will be informed by phone about availability
Subtotal:25.5 €


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